Global Holidays 23rd – 29th April

Thursday 23rd April

Holy See (Vatican City State,Null) – Feast of Saint George, Iceland – Sumardagurinn fyrsti (First Day of Summer), Israel – Independence Day Holiday, Spain – Community Day (CL) – Regional, Spain – Saint George’s Day (AR) – Regional, Turkey – National Sovereignty and Children’s Day

Friday 24th April

Armenia – Armenian Remembrance Day, Nepal – Loktantra Diwas (Democracy Day), Niger – Concord Day

Saturday 25th April

Australia – ANZAC Day, Christmas Island – ANZAC Day (celebration), Cocos (Keeling,Null) Islands – ANZAC Day (celebration), Cook Islands – ANZAC Day, Egypt – Sinai Liberation Day, Faroe Islands – National Flag Day – Afternoon, Italy – Liberation Day, Korea, Democratic Peoples Republic – Army Day, New Zealand – ANZAC Day (celebration), Niue – ANZAC Day, Norfolk Island – ANZAC Day, Portugal – Liberation Day (Dia do 25 de Abril), Swaziland – National Flag Day, Tonga – ANZAC Day

Sunday 26th April

Egypt – Bank Holiday – Banks/Tentative, Malaysia – State Public Holiday (TRG) – Regional, Tanzania – Union Day

Monday 27th April

Aruba – King’s Birthday, Australia – ANZAC Day Holiday (WA) – Regional, Bonaire – King’s Birthday, Christmas Island – ANZAC Day Holiday (day in lieu), Cocos (Keeling,Null) Islands – ANZAC Day Holiday (day in lieu), Gibraltar – Workers’ Memorial Day Holiday, Mayotte – Abolition Day, Netherlands – King’s Birthday, New Zealand – ANZAC Day Holiday (day in lieu), Sierra Leone – Independence Day, Slovenia – Resistance Day, South Africa – Freedom Day, Togo – Independence Day, Vietnam – Public Holiday (workday moved to Sat. Apr. 25)

Tuesday 28th April

Afghanistan – Victory Day, Barbados – National Heroes’ Day, Bhutan – Zhabdrung Kuchhoe (Death Anniversary of Zhabdrung), Vietnam – Gio to Hung Vuong Day, Wallis And Futuna – Saint Pierre-Chanel Day

Wednesday 29th April

Japan – Showa Day, Vietnam – Public Holiday (workday moved to Sat. May 9)