World Service Update 23rd April

• France, due to air traffic controller strikes between 8th April and 2nd May, delays are expected

• Bangladesh experiencing long delays due to political protests and general strikes in all major cities
• Australia experiencing widespread heavy rain and strong winds in Sydney and Canberra and affecting some services
• Indonesia are holding the “Asia-Africa Conference” in Jakarta and Bandung on 23rd & 24th April and which will lead to various road closures

• Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone delays due to Ebola
• Ethiopia service impacted and delays due to nationwide protests against ISIS

Middle East
• Iraq Erbil airport suspended due to heightened security, Bagdad & Basra experiencing some delays
• Saudi Arabia, due to air strikes in Yemen all airports in South Saudi are closed and no commercial flights are being operated
• Yemen, service disruption due to closure of Sana’s Airport