Global Holidays List 18th April & ...

18/04/2016         Monday,

American Samoa – American Samoa Flag Day Holiday (day in lieu), Honduras – Americas’ Day Holiday, Myanmar – Myanmar New Year Holiday, Uruguay – Landing of the 33 Patriots Holiday – Banks/Government, Vietnam – Gio to Hung Vuong Holiday (day in lieu), Zimbabwe – Independence Day.

19/04/2016         Tuesday,

Myanmar – Myanmar New Year Holiday, Swaziland – King’s Birthday, Venezuela – Independence Declaration Day.

20/04/2016         Wednesday,

India – Mahavir Jayanti (AN CG DL HP KA MH MP RJ TN UK UP) – Regional, Myanmar – Myanmar New Year Holiday.

21/04/2016         Thursday,

Brazil – Tiradentes Day, Falkland Islands – Queen’s Birthday, Iceland – Sumardagurinn fyrsti (First Day of Summer), India – Hazrat Alis Birthday (UP) – Regional, Iran, Islamic Republic Of – Imam Ali’s Birthday, Sri Lanka – Bak Full Moon Poya Day.

22/04/2016         Friday,

Denmark – Great Prayer Day (Store Bededag), Faroe Islands – Prayer Day (Dýri biðidagu), Greenland – Prayer Day.

23/04/2016         Saturday,

Holy See (Vatican City State,Null) – Feast of Saint George, Israel – First Day of Pessah (Passover), Nepal – Loktantra Diwas (Democracy Day), Spain – Community Day (CL) – Regional, Spain – Community Day/Saint George’s Day (AR) – Regional, Turkey – National Sovereignty and Children’s Day.

24/04/2016         Sunday,

Armenia – Armenian Remembrance Day, Israel – Bank Holiday (afternoon) – Banks/Afternoon, Niger – Concord Day