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Delivery Services

A loyal customer base is the key to ongoing success and growth for any business, especially in the logistics industry. With so much competition in the market and increasingly innovative delivery solutions, the necessity of ensuring customers are satisfied with the service they have received – and will return to it – is key.

Plus, research has established that, for the most stable businesses, returning customers are responsible for between 25% and 40% of revenue. With statistics like that, it is worth taking the time and effort to ensure that customers are happy with what you do. So, what are the crucial components when it comes to customer satisfaction with delivery?

The cost

The price of shipping is fundamental to how customers feel about whether they are happy with the service received. For example, paying the same to have a tiny box delivered as an entire crate won’t feel like a good deal. Fair pricing is the key here – customers are generally happy to pay more for larger items because it seems fair to do so. With smaller packages they expect better deals. As small and medium sized packages tend to make up the bulk of online orders, if these rates are lower and feel fairer, you’re generally going to end up with more satisfied customers.

A reliable service

There are few factors that are guaranteed to lose you customers as fast as unreliable service. A number of key factors will feed into whether a customer feels that the service they are getting is reliable, including:

  • Specified date – did the package arrive on the exact date it was meant to?
  • Correct time – was the time frame provided adhered to?
  • Care taken – was the package put into safe hands or just left where anyone could have taken it?
  • Item condition – was there damage to the item or packaging or did it arrive in pristine condition?

If you’re serious about building up a customer base then you need to check that your choice of delivery partner can ensure the above, as they are these form the foundations of customer expectations.

Delivery times

Today, convenience is everything for customers. That not only means being able to offer super fast delivery options that meet the desire to have what they have ordered instantly but also a range of different delivery choices. Can you offer your customer delivery times to suit their lifestyle? If not then it’s highly likely that they could go elsewhere.

Transparency and flexibility

Transparency of delivery process is another way to ensure that customers are satisfied with the service that they receive from you. Being able to offer comprehensive tracking means that it’s always possible to see where an item is in transit. This not only gives customers 24/7 information on where there package is but also helps to reduce the number of enquiries chasing for information. Flexibility is another consideration, for example being able to rearrange the time of delivery at the last minute.

These are just some of the factors to take into consideration if you’re looking for ways to ensure that customers are satisfied with the service they receive. We can help you to meet all of the above – contact UCS to find out more about our services.

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