Global Service Update 21st April ...

Operational Update:
Due to closure of Ukrainian airspace, our flight operations to and
from Ukraine are suspended. Therefore, we have temporarily
suspended the acceptance of DHL shipments to and from Ukraine.
Russia:Domestic and Inbound services to Russia have been
suspended, no shipments accepted until further notice.
Belarus:Full Services suspension.
Public Holiday:
21stApril: Falkland Islands, Iceland, Israel
22ndApril: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Kosovo, Montenegro
(Republic of), North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia (Republic of)
23rdApril: Bulgaria
24thApril: Albania, Bulgaria
25thApril: Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Greenland, Italy,
Kosovo, Moldova (Republic Of), Montenegro (Republic of), North
Macedonia, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia (Republic of),
27thApril: Netherlands (The), Slovenia
28thApril: Gibraltar

Asia Pacific:
Operational Update:
From Rest of WorldintoEast China
•We willresumeour document services (DOX product) into Shanghai (SHA),
Zhejiang Area (HGH), Jiangsu and Anhui Area (SZV, PVG) with immediate
effect. Please expect delay in delivery services within East China due to
COVID control requirements
•All other DHL Express serviceswillremain temporarily suspendeduntil further
notice.We are not accepting non-document shipments into these areasuntil
further notice.
FromEast China to Rest of World
Thetemporary weight limit restrictionof 30 kg per pick up (customer collection)
per dayfromShanghai (SHA), Zhejiang Area (HGH) and Jiangsu and Anhui
Area (SZV, PVG) to rest of world willremainin place until April 24th.
South Korea to Beijing:
As per local authority, pick-up and delivery service for shipments originated
from South Korea to Beijing have been temporarily suspended since 7th April.
Tonga: Tonga is now on partial lockdown. The office is open on Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday. Pickup & delivery is performed on these days only.
Vanuatu:Please expect pick-up and delivery services may be delayed due to
the shorten of operating hours from 0800hrs -1300hrs Monday to Friday.
Public Holiday:
25th April: Australia, Cook Islands, New Zealand, Niue, Tonga
29thApril: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Japan
30thApril: China (Peoples Republic), Vietnam

Operational Update:
21stApril: Brazil
27thApril: Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, St. Maarten
28thApril: Barbados
29thApril: St. Maarten
30thApril: Bonaire

Sub Saharan Africa:
Operational Update:
Public Holiday:
22ndApril: Ethiopia
24thApril: Ethiopia, Niger
25thApril: Swaziland
26thApril: Tanzania
27thApril: Mayotte, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Togo
28°April: Guinea Republic, Zambia
29°April: Cote D’Ivoire, Niger

Middle East and North Africa:
Operational Update:
Afghanistan: Due to volatilesituation in Afghanistan, DHL
have been forced to suspend all the service effective from
15thAugust 2021.
Public Holiday:
22ndApril: Lebanon
23rdApril: Turkey, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
24thApril: Egypt, Syria
25thApril: Egypt, Lebanon, Syria