• courier-delivery

    Why should you consider an outsourced courier service for 2018?

    Thanks to the increase in online shopping there are more options than ever now for businesses looking for more cost effective ways to ship to customers. Courier services, in particular, offer the opportunity to make significant customer service improvements, as well as reducing spend, whether you’re looking for international or local delivery. So, why should…

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  • Customer Delivery Demands

    How can you meet the increasing speeds of customer delivery demands?

    British consumers are becoming increasingly more demanding when it comes to delivery. Gone are the days when anyone would be happy to wait for ten days to have something shipped. In fact, according to research by delivery management company Whistl, 7% of British consumers want same day delivery or courier services and nothing else. This…

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  • Smiling Delivery

    How can you minimise the environmental impact of your deliveries?

    Over the recent years, the effects of climate change have become more apparent and businesses everywhere are beginning to recognise their responsibility and are updating their corporate social responsibility policy accordingly. But how is it possible to minimise the environmental impact of deliveries? This is something that will affect every order that is made, and…

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  • Same Day Delivery

    Why do customers like same day delivery services?

    There are many great ways to build positive relationships with your customers and clients. Value pricing, exciting products and services and energetic customer service all contribute towards ensuring that your business grows and builds. And then there’s delivery – if you’re looking to set yourself apart from the rest of the market and create long-term…

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  • Parcel Market

    What is causing the growth of the UK parcel market?

    The UK parcel market is undergoing a period of intense growth. Last year – according to the Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index 2017 – parcel deliveries increased by 12% to 2.5 billion. In the period 2017 to 2021 a compounded annual growth rate of 10% has been predicted for the UK parcel market. That means…

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  • Warehouse Efficiency

    Is your warehouse functioning at optimum efficiency?

    Because warehousing plays such a central role in delivery, the way your warehouse functions can have a big impact on overall business performance. There are always ways to optimise the set-up that you already have. Whether you’re actively looking for options to improve warehouse efficiency or not, investigating warehouse functionality could expose some areas for…

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  • Supply Chain Manager

    What value could a dedicated supply chain management partner add to your business?

    Without strong and efficient supply chain management most businesses struggle with the basics of manufacturing, productivity or delivery. It’s one of those elements of infrastructure that should be almost completely unnoticeable if it’s functioning well. If it’s not, however, this is often all too obvious. Investment in supply chain management can be onerous in-house –…

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  • Order Tracking Online

    How can providing order tracking boost your customer satisfaction?

    There are two types of customers – those who place their order and then simply wait without thinking about it, and those who like the ability to track their order during the shipping process, monitoring each stage and knowing exactly when their parcel will arrive. This is quickly becoming the norm for many customers, particularly…

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  • International Delivery Options

    How to choose the right international shipping method for you

    Connectivity is growing across the world and international delivery is now a standard expectation for many customers. However, there are many different methods of international shipping, depending on the preferences of the customer, as well as the requirements for shipping the item safely. What factors influence the shipping method you choose? A variety of factors…

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  • Delivery by drone

    Is the UK drone-delivery ready?

    Drone delivery is something that is getting more and more traction in the media over time, with large corporations starting to implement the basic testing for drone deliveries for e-commerce. However, it is still a very new technology, which many companies have yet to test and explore. What is drone delivery? Drone delivery involves sending…

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  • Secure Delivery

    How can courier services offer greater security and certainty?

    Regardless of the sector that you work in, sometimes you may have customers place orders that are highly confidential or require more specific treatment than your standard deliveries. Perhaps the order is of an unusually high quantity or value, and needs greater tracking and certainty of delivery. There are many ways to ensure that your…

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  • Warehouse Scanning

    What elements are within a supply chain and how can you manage them?

    Supply chains exist within any business that sells products to customers, and this impacts almost every other area within the business operations. This is because everything works together to ensure seamless deliveries – from the finance department factoring in the costs of manufacturing, shipping, and calculating profit, through to the research and development that takes…

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  • Customer Services

    How can you better meet customer needs through your delivery services?

    Businesses selling products across any sector will use delivery services of some kind. Online customers don’t have an in-store experience of your brand where they communicate with anyone from your company, so their online experience combined with the actual delivery experience is what creates their overall impression of your brand. Fast, reliable delivery Did you…

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  • Supply Chain Management

    Why is supply chain management important for your business?

    Awareness of the processes and procedures of your business and deliveries is essential to maintaining a smooth service for your customers. Supply chain management is not just about these practicalities; however, it is also about management of your suppliers and company relationships to ensure that you always have the information you need and complete transparency…

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  • Supply Chain Manager

    Could you outsource your supply chain management role?

    Supply chain management sits at the heart of every business. Smooth and efficient supply chain management is almost unnoticeable – but when problems arise the repercussions are felt right across the business. In-house management, customer relationships and supplier relationships all feel the impact from supply chain management that isn’t quite up to scratch. Given the…

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  • courier-options

    What options are there to consider when exploring courier services?

    A reliable courier is an essential component in modern business logistics. Whether you’re a high volume organisation looking for a courier with the resources to cope with intense demand, or an SME seeking added value, the right courier business should be able to be all things, and more. The courier market can be a difficult…

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  • Booking Deliveries

    Save time booking deliveries with UCS’ new booking system

    Here at UCS, we know that booking your deliveries should be a fast and efficient process, which is why we are on a mission to constantly improve our booking systems. We aim to regularly make improvements to our booking system that will reduce the time taken to fill in information, and make it a much…

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  • How to improve your order fulfilment through outsourcing

    Running an online business is great – especially when that business starts to take off and the orders start pouring in. However, the reality of this is often a long daily slog through packing and fulfilment that leaves you with very little time to focus on the creative direction and strategy that got you to…

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